Trial Exhibits & Legal Graphics


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People remember six times more of what they see than what they hear! Small wonder that attorneys recognize the power of trial exhibits in the courtroom.

We produce trial exhibits primarily on foamcore or gator board with a satin laminate, retaining a professional look and at the same time reducing glare, making it easier for the jury to see.

A lot of what we do is enlargement of pictures. This allows the attorney to show the picture to the witness, and have the jury see it at the same time. Enlarging the pictures digitally is faster and less expensive than doing it photographically, and since we print on a matte paper, you won't have the glare trouble you can have with glossy pictures.

We also print a lot of digital files such as calculations of damages, charts and graphs, timelines, and flowcharts. Our graphic design department can help you set them up if you prefer we do the design, or you can have a local designer (or your paralegal) upload the files.