Photo & Portrait Printing


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Need a photo enlarged to poster size? We can do that too! Digital enlargement is the way to go for quick turn around and it is cost effective. We can do a photo enlargement from a slide, film negative or the actual photo. Digital photos of two megapixels and larger can also go up to poster size.

We recommend that you let us scan your photo, but if you do it yourself, remember that scanned photos should be 300 dpi in their final size.

Historic photos and postcards are stunning in poster size! Retailers love the interest that pictures like this can create. Companies showing old pictures of their equipment or factory find that people stop at their trade show booth! And of course they are fun for events like weddings and anniversaries.

A word about digital photographs- the standard 480x640 pixel digital picture should not be any larger than about 9" x 12". Megapixel digital pictures can go quite a bit larger, the rule of thumb is we like to see them at least 300dpi in the actual size. Pictures of insufficient density are the biggest problem we face. We will give you a call if this problem arises with your file.